A fitness fanatic- Shyamantak Ganguly

A fitness fanatic- Shyamantak Ganguly

Martial arts is not only about kicks, punches and fighting but it is a way of life which indeed introduces our sporty man Shyamantak Ganguly. A guy nurtured in Kolkata, West Bengal who completed his schooling from a south point high school and B.Com Hons from Bhawanipur Gujarati education society. At a very tender age of 3 years, Shyamantak started his journey in Martial Arts. He is a certificated fitness trainer from NSDC (govt of India) and has been assisted in fitness for more than a decade now. Ever since childhood, he was always passionate about fitness and various forms of fitness. Of his many uncountable achievements, the prominent ones are being 24 years into Martial arts, which makes him a master now.

He is also been awarded as Junior Asian champion, in 2008. Holds 2nd place in international full contact karate championship, Brazil, 2019. Again, holds 5th place in International Dream Cup, 2018, South Korea. Place holder in National Kickboxing Championship, 2021 and 2022. He has been 5 times national full-contact karate champion. A book record holder in India and Aisa and also world honor. He is the brand ambassador for Fit India Movement. It’s called being blessed and assured, the alpha and Omega, all in one person. During the pandemic, Shyamantak grabbed the opportunity of starting his new venture, an online fitness training institute. It comprises home-based work-outs videos which proved to be the base of his journey. Today, it is grown into a large number, having clients across the country he guides people through their fitness journey. He believes in consistency and originality in his work.

He creates content on fitness training which helps people to have able- bodies. The content is always fresh and real, based on his sections. Some pieces of training followed are Bodyweight training, HIIT workout, Animal movements, Kickboxing Training, Functional Training, and much more. Having collaborated with niche brands like Titan, Starbucks, Fast and up and step out and is also a part of Shikhar Dhawan’s initiative for promoting sports and much more. He is sure shot an exercise enthusiast.

Shyamantak finds his motivation in his father, Hanshi Shivaji Ganguly, who was the reason behind him starting martial arts in childhood. His father has served 40 years as a karate trainer and continues to do so at the age of sixty. He has sacrificed his personal life to develop karate in West Bengal and India. It’s rightly said that fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, thus we see a reflection of Mr.Shivaji Ganguly in Shyamantak’s journey. Apart from this, we also see his keen interest in swimming and hip-hop dancing. Patience, consistency, and honesty happen to be the mantra behind Shyamantak’s success. He firmly believes that ‘ Martial Arts is not only about fighting or kicks and punches, it’s a lifestyle.’ And we indeed see it implemented.

We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our destinies, design a life of substance, and truly begin to live our dreams. Shyamantak is a strong man with moral values and with a lot of positive energy that would make one feel energetic. Today’s youth need such leaders who can guide them towards fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle. We see him holding the potential of becoming one of India’s top content creators and fitness models.

Instagram link: http://instagram.com/karate_shyamantak


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