A fearless explorer – Sandip Rathore (@sandytraveltales)

A fearless explorer – Sandip Rathore (@sandytraveltales)

Sandip Rathore, born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh, currently residing in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He is an MBA along with being a businessman. Despite having two businesses in minerals and construction, he has immense passion for traveling and blogging.

From the moment we are born, we begin to age. It’s inevitable. But reaching a certain age should not make you invisible. Travelling is like an addiction and you can never have enough of it. With every travel, you grow as an individual. Sandip has a unique insight into life for his age group that’s completely missed by millennials. Now that is what makes him stand out! Having immense passion for traveling, he has been doing in for past 20 years and never thought of posting it online until the idea to start his own blog occurred. With a niche in luxury and heritage stays, he started a trustable blog with real people behind and intresting, qualitative content. Started his journey on instagram under the username ‘sandystraveltales’ in January 2022 with 1k followers and within few months, now the page has over 6k genuine followers. His page is all about luxury and heritage properties and reviewing lifestyle products. We see large number of engagement because of honest content being brought up. He has also collaborated with top-notch brands such as Hrh hotels, Welcome Heritage Group, Fateh Collection, Samsung, Puma and many more. At the age of 42, it is impossible for someone to run a blog without any family support. Here, Sandip got lucky! He has two beautiful daughters and an amazing wife who are willing to support him through every part and parcel of life. Since there are two sides to every story, each day is not picture perfect. Just like every picture has a story behind it, every post has lots of energy and time consumed behind it.

Having his plate already filled with business work and family life, it becomes a challenge to take time out for hanting places, shooting, uploading and all behind the scenes happening. Investment of time and energy is required along with consistency. But it’s rightly said that you don’t find excuses to fail but you make them your strength when it comes to passion. And so, it is followed. He has faced all the challenges and came out even stronger.

We all are surrounded by different types of people and things around us. Among these many of them give us some beautiful lessons of life and thus become inspirational figures for us. Sandip is one of a kind. Despite of facing challenges and having his own businesses to look after, he never stopped following his passion for travel and portraying it to the world. His hardwork and perseverance is proving to be fruitful, and it’s just the beginning. An inspiration to budding travellers and explorers, Sandeep’s social feed is a testimony of his travel adventures and definitely his page @sandytraveltales is a 10/10 recommended to follow on gram, because when he is not working, he is travelling!

Instagram link: https://instagram.com/sandystraveltales?


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