1BHK: A Culinary House Party That Celebrates Friendship and Food

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In a world fueled by wanderlust, friendship, and culinary dreams, three intrepid individuals embarked on a journey that would transform their lives forever. Aditi, Simple, and Vatsala, united by their love for food and passion for exploring new flavors, ventured across the globe, drawing inspiration from every corner they touched. After numerous adventures and unforgettable experiences, they decided to combine their creative forces and embark on a new chapter together. Thus, the seed for the Homemade Cafe was sown—a dreamy, charming space that would soon give birth to their next big venture, 1BHK.

The Genesis of 1BHK:

Within the heartwarming setting of the Homemade Cafe, the idea for 1BHK was conceived. Inspired by the thriving love and camaraderie that flourished within their cozy little cafe, Aditi, Simple, and Vatsala envisioned a space that captured the essence of “home away from home.” Reflecting the vivacious spirit of Goan and Portuguese culture, 1BHK aspires to be more than just a restaurant. It is a celebration of community, unity, and the sheer joy of coming together.

A Home Beyond Borders:

Derived from the essence of a relaxed home party, 1BHK offers a warm and welcoming environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can gather to savor the simple pleasures of good food, lively music, and heartfelt conversations. No one is excluded from the celebration at 1BHK—from little babies to elders, everyone is invited, fostering a diverse and inclusive atmosphere where the constraints of age, language, or background vanish. This is a place where laughter and love know no bounds.

The Atmosphere:

As guests step into 1BHK, they are instantly transported to a world where the boundaries between strangers and friends blur. The shared experience of relishing delicious food and forging unforgettable memories binds individuals together, creating a vibrant tapestry of laughter, conversation, and connection. The air is filled with joyous sounds, the comfort of regional and European cuisine, and an unmistakable feeling of being embraced by a warm and inviting home.

People who were present in the event were as follows.

  • Chef Mithilesh Tembe (Brand chef 1 vibe )
  • Chef Amey Kambli (Manager) and heading the team is
  • Vikrant Chandra ( Brand Head 1 BHK )
  • Food connoisseur Prithvish Ashar along with Chef Juliano headed the meet
  • Inspiring and upcoming influencers and bloggers like
  • Monika Agarwal
  • Tasneem sheikh
  • Chef Jayesh
  • Varsha bhagadia
  • Shital Parmar
  • Uzma
  • Akash Sawant
  • And Tanvi Jain were a part of the meet-up

The Essence of 1BHK:

Much like a house party, 1BHK encourages guests to shed their inhibitions and build connections through the simple act of breaking bread together. It becomes the space where inhibitions dissipate, and relationships are formed. Laughter becomes a symphony, music fills the air with its harmonies, and the beauty of building a community is celebrated in its most genuine forms.


The realization of the dreams of Aditi, Simple, and Vatsala birthed 1BHK—a place where friends, families, and strangers alike can unite to create lasting memories over delicious food and heartfelt conversations. The trio’s unwavering determination, creativity, and a sprinkle of magic turned their vision into a reality, which stands today as a testament to friendship, passion, and the immense joy that emerges from creating something truly exceptional with those you cherish. 1BHK is no ordinary restaurant; it is a culinary house party that transcends borders and spreads love, laughter, and culinary delight to all who step into its enchanting space.